Happy Thanksgiving
From Our Home To Yours

Here's a little of what's going on in my kitchen right now getting ready for 20 guests!  Last year I did it all outside and it was lovely, but a lot of extra work so this year I decided dinner inside and appetizers outside, after all it's a beautiful 80 degree California November day! Two turkeys because the hubbs and I have our annual turkey cook off. He prints up the menu every year and describes his 'moist and juicy dry brined BBQ turkey' and then my 'traditional stringy dry turkey'. However, in the blind taste test mine always wins :) He likes to make everything homemade, apple sauce, cranberry sauce, garlic mashed potatoes. I do the stuffing, and this year trying roasted Brussel sprouts with Parmesan and butter nut squash soup. My daughter does her famous sweet potatoes, (yes two kinds of potatoes because we are gluttons), friends and family are bringing pies, corn bread etc. My mother-in-law makes a mean rice pudding. I'm working on appetizers. I love to cook, but sometimes there are things I cheat with, after all some recipes should be left to the experts, I can't snub my nose at Betty (Crocker that is.)

Thanksgiving Decor
Thanksgiving Decor - Autumn
Thanksgiving Decor - Autumn Decor
Thanksgiving Table

Wishing You Bountiful Blessings Today And Everyday