Insta~Bits of Summer

Happy Hump Day! I'm taking a moment to contemplate how in the world it got to be mid September already! Halloween decorations in the stores, fall clothes in every window, and in CA we are having a heat wave. It's pretty typical this time of year although this time the temps are consistently over 100 degrees day after day (107 in our back yard!) No good can come of that!  So I thought I'd post the 2nd half of summer Insta-bits, you can find the first half here if you missed it.  Then I will work on feelings of fall, if only in my mind! :O
The perks of late walks, beautiful cotton candy sun sets over the mountains, the down side, watching for coyotes, skunks and low flying bats! / The view of Silver Lake from my friends new castle. I can't call it a house, it's really a castle hidden behinds castle doors, built in the 1900's, it's magical. / A familiar site in our house, tea cups and lipstick. / Yoga mats lined up on Sunday morning, guess which one's mine ;)
Palm trees, never gets old. / Favorites, Zinque, Bottega Louie. / Summer reads by the pool.
My happy place. / Antique store find. / High above the Pacific at Terranea. / Work shenanigans.
The mystery of the Palm pods. / The miracle of the Dry Bar (for us curly girls.) / 
In the recording booth narrating my husbands children's book. / Another favorite Aroma Cafe.

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