Happy 2014!  I know I've been saying that for 2 weeks but hey, I love new beginings, probably why I ended up being born on January 1st.  When I was a kid we'd talk about years with big numbers and thought the entire world would be like something out of The Jetsons by 2014. Well, we may not have flying cars, although I'd really love that during rush hour on the 101 freeway, we've come a long way baby. (They actually said that when I was growing up.) Our phones not only came off the wall, they now fit in our pocket.  We had no computers to speak of and no video games (unless you count Pong) and can you really count a game that had a tiny dot and a line? We can even buy a car that we can plug in. But as we, the world, and technology evolve, there is one thing that stays the same... SHOPPING! Nice segway ay?

Happy Fab Finds Friday!  The end of the year brought a quick trip to Vegas and of course that means a stop at the Primm outlets. Not only is there a great Kate Spade store, but they were having a 50% off their already outlet prices. What's a girl to do?

This is my new favorite handbag, I know I say that every time, but really, no really, this time it is. OK until next time. But I love it. Handsome bought it for me for Christmas and I'm saving it for Spring.

Next weekend getaway was to San Diego to spend New Years Eve with our friends from Illinois who were there to visit family the week before. They're our travel buds, we meet every summer at some place random so seeing them in the winter and for New Years was an extra treat. There are two constants wherever we go. The first is that we always have fun, whether at a vinyard in Napa or in a Duck boat on Lake Union. The second is that our husbands play golf one day while we shop.  Not just ordinary shopping, hunting as I like to call it. We scout the best re-sale shops wherever we go.  This trip it was My Sisters Closet in La Jolla . It was huge, it was spotless, the prices were amazingly low and everything I tried on was in mint condition. And I mean like new! (Note to self - 18 items in a fitting room all at once is exhausting.)

This jacket by JG Hook was $12! The fabric is beautiful and I'm a sucker for a short belted jacket, when it's $12 and in mint condition. 
Major score, JCrew blazer for $17!  It looks brand new inside and out, I'd swear it was never worn. I can't wear either of these because it's 75 degree. Not a complaint by the way.

Then there are these pillows! I had a crush on these a year ago when I saw them in a Ballard Catalog. They were $59 each, way above my throw pillow budget. Then I happen to be in a Tuesday Morning store, not a fan, but someone told me they had good holiday stuff. Well, I didn't get any holiday stuff but I got the pillows for $14 each! When I got home I looked them up on line, same pillows, still $59. Never get tired of the thrill of the hunt.

January is a great month to Get Your Bargain On! Assess your wardrobe and take stock of what's missing. When you get dressed in the morning do you say things like, "I need a black cardigan for this outfit?" Take note of those things and have them with you when you are out hunting.  Look for basics on sale now like cozy sweaters, blazers and boots.


               Asos cable knit sweater $25                                             Forever21 Blazer $30        

 Ann Klein Ciji Boot $117

Happy Hunting!