It's Fab Finds Friday!  Today's fab find was actually found last Friday in Seattle.  This has been a summer filled with travel, which for me means easy packing and a whole lot of stripes.  One peek in my closet and it's obvious, I'm striped obsessed, I have a section.  So yes my fab find Friday is yet another striped dress I couldn't resist, a Laundry by Shelli Segal  found at a Seattle Ross. Original price $175, Ross price $29.99. I love this dress!

We found two really gorgeous consignment shops for high end designers in downtown Seattle. Sell Your Sole and Alexandra's. Walking into Sell Your Sole I came face to face with a brand new never worn pair of black and white Chanel Sandals, yes NEVER WORN! Sad for my feet and good for my wallet, they were way too big.

With no treasures found, and after a great lunch, we happened upon the Ross.

All we need is love

This trip to Seattle was our annual summer trip with our friends from Illinois, and my version of grown up summer camp. It all started on a Cruise ship to Mexico in 2006 when we were seated in the dinning room with two strangers who became such good friends we meet them every August somewhere in the country. This summer it was Seattle.

Seattle is a great city, lots of walking, good food, Pikes Market and the very first Starbucks! We took the Duck Tour, a touristy thing to do, and so much fun. You go in an old WW11 amphibian vehicle that tours you on land and then turns into a boat and drives right into Lake Union. With the exception of  the drunk women throwing up over the side it was fabulous. Other highlights, the ferry to Bainbridge Island and going to the top of the Space Needle. Oh and there just happened to be the Seafair Torchlight Parade on Saturday night that went right past out hotel.

The Market

Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island Farmers Market

Lake Union

View from the Space Needle and Mt. Rainier

The Gum Wall (art or gross?)

The Very First Starbucks!