Last week I got to go on a little adventure with my daughter, who booked a movie role at the end of 2012 which made for a very happy and exciting New Year in our house! To make it more exciting she was going on location for the first time outside of CA.  I went with her for a few days to help her settle in and because I'm also her Manager, or as we like to call it Momager. Here's some Instagrams from Missouri!
 Exploring Branson, found this great restaurant, The Fish House, right on a lake in Branson Landing.
She's staying in a beautiful condominium in a resort community, you can tell when the boots are lined up we are settled in.  
We left our ice teas in the car overnight, don't ask me why we even had ice tea it was so cold. 
We definitely did not order that first menu item! 
And this black picture is the windshield of the car we picked up at the airport from the inside after we ran through icy ran drops freezing and laughing and yelling "run, save yourself!"  Like with all bad memories I apparently blocked out all my years in NY waiting for the defroster to work and scraping ice off the windshield. Nope, no recollection, we actually sat there and I literally didn't know what to do.  It all started to come back to me as the defroster begin to melt a little hole to see through and we finally got a window to roll down although the sheet of ice stayed in place until we punched a fist through it.  Then we had to get cups of hot water to melt the ice off the side view mirrors so I could see.  
All confirming a wonderful decision long ago to move to California where I am happy to say I do not own an ice scraper!
Inside the Fish House and the best corn bread I've ever tasted! The lantern was on our table and so was the view! And the amazing fireplace warmed us up quickly.
The condo, us, and we were pleasantly surprised to find a great market with all of our essential healthy must haves, especially kale and fresh roses in such a cold place.  Home sweet home for a while.
Pretty Icicles everywhere. 
A meditation room at the airport to enjoy after I arrived at 7:00 am to find out all flights out had been cancelled due to a storm in Dallas. 
A few hours later I was up, up and away. 
Looking forward to going back in a few weeks and bringing you some pictures from the set. 
In the meantime, I miss my girl, and it was 81 degrees today, yeah I love Cali.

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