Goodbye 2012!  I'm a little sad to see you go. This has been a blessed year for me and my family and so many wonderful things have come our way. Tonight is not just New Year's but my birthday hits at the stroke of midnight! So I'm officially another year wiser, supposedly.

2012 will always be special to me so I'm gonna share. It will always be the year I was nominated for my first writing Emmy! That's kinda big right?  I had to be revived!  My blog, yes this one, turned into a TV show on Santa Monica cable which I hosted and produced. I won an Indi Fest Award and a Telley Award for writing and producing. I did lots of charity work with Women In Film.  I was honored to be asked to co-produce an amazing short film about bullying (we just got a distribution deal with Sony!) I traveled tons, from a fabulous girls birthday trip to San Fransisco for my daughters 20th to New York Fashion Week to romantic weekend getaways with my husband, an anniversary trip to Catalina, where we got stranded due to high seas. If you're gonna get stranded I highly recommend Catalina! Then there was our annual summer vacation with our buds from Illinois this year in Lake Tahoe. And last but not least the most exciting decision was made to take over the management of my daughters acting career which has had miraculously wonderful results! I've continued to blog here and figure out more of what to bring you in the world of from drabulous to fabulous, all while enjoying family, friends, fun and good health! Whew, I got tired just writing all that, don't know how I fit that in to 365 days!

I'm so grateful to you, my readers, and hope you will join me for new adventures in 2013. Wishing you and your families an amazing year filled with love, health and fabulousness.

Remember - you create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions and your intentions create your reality.