Insta- Fabulous - bits and pieces...
trying out my new MAC Chili lipstick and my Warby Parkers / blogging bout bangles / afternoon pick-me-ups / July 4th
girls lunch at The Standard / hotel room at The Carlton in SF / yummo mushroom soup at WeHo in West Hollywood / fresh hair color

gold & black accessories / my husbands best Fred Flintstone imitation / my Emmy invite, I'm a nominated writer!!! / dressed 1930's for a themed old Hollywood wedding
 taking my girls to dinner / Daisy's 'you caught me sleeping on the couch' face / La Cage Aux Folle / film screening at Sony of 'Sticks and Stones', a film I co-produced about bullying
 gardening / Daisy / when in doubt by all colors? / behind the scenes styling on set at from drab to fab
 opposites attract / pretty wedding ceiling / outfit prep for 1930's themed wedding / hanging in Hollywood
pottery heaven in Tuscon AZ  / nutella pizza, nough said / Jewish cowboys? who knew? / have stripes will travel