From Drabulous to Fabulous TV  - Episode #Two!

Not that I'm behind schedule or anything but I'm taping show number 3 of From Drabulous to Fabulous tomorrow so, yikes! Time to post about show number 2!  Time flies when you're in your 'wheel house'. That's what my husband calls it when you're doing something you love, no matter how many things go wrong at the last minute, (um, that would be everything), you don't freak out, because you love it,  and it all comes together just in time for the show.  I'll let you know how that works out after tomorrow.

The 2nd show was a blast.  The crew perfected the techy issues they had with the 1st episode and I had some fabulous guests.

I opened the show with some tips about organizing accessories to make changing it up easier, how to accessorize and get endless looks out of one little black dress and how to make your own fashion board so you're never stuck uttering those ridiculous words "I have nothing to wear", ever again!
I schlepped my dress form Coco to the studio, looked like a headless body in the car. Wondered if I could use the car pool lane.

The Little Black Dress by Donovan Bentley
Playing with accessories

My first guest was Cheryl Fudge, yes that's her real name, and somehow she managed to survive child hood with it to grow up into a fashionable entrepreneur with a genius sense of design and business.  A perfect match if you ask me. Cheryl's store, Cheryl Fudge Fashion Camp is located at 1010 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica and caters to anyone with a creative spark from kids to adults. It's an amazing fun space where you are bound to find your inner fashion designer.

"I believe in fostering self-esteem through creative self-expression. Our philosophy is inclusive, and respectful of our planet. We use existing fabrics and materials. " ~ Cheryl Fudge

We played with a great bunch of embellishments that anyone can add to their existing wardrobe; sequins, patches, studs, etc.

Cheryl has two other locations for Cheryl Fudge Fashion Camp, one in Downtown Disney and one in Nantucket.

My 2nd guests were the husband and wife team of Peter and Eleanor Path of Acapillow. Don't you just love that name!?! They have two stores located at 3018 and 3030 Pico Blvd. in Santa Monica. The have been in business since 1995 making handmade eclectic pillows and home goods from up-cycled and reclaimed materials collected from around the world.

Some of the fun Acapillow pillows

At the end of the show I challenged my viewers with my ultimate style test on how to take your self from drab to fab.  Try it, I challenge you!  Everyday this week take a good look at yourself and what you're wearing and ask yourself this question - If you saw a women wearing what you are wearing right now would you say 'she looks fabulous'!  or would you send her back to the closet?  Interesting question isn't it? Report back!