So I made it out to Target last Sunday morning at 8:05, five minutes after the store opened.  It wasn't as crowded as I had anticipated but the fitting room line was already through the shoe department and the Jason Wu accessories display was completely empty!

I got scolded by the security guard for taking this picture.  (Of an empty rack!) Yes, they put on security for this event, apparently women after designer merchandise can get ugly! Although I'm happy to report that in my Target the women were friendly and swapping sizes, a camaraderie amongst fashion lovers.  This little spring dress was my first score .
Most of what was left on the racks at 8:05 were large sizes, and all of the smalls and mediums I needed were on that long fitting room line already.  It was going fast so I grabbed what I liked knowing that a little alteration never hurt a girl who is handy with her sewing machine.  

Love this pleated skirt and this lacy detail on the top, lots of colors for mix & match.

 Hey, here I am in this top, fullfilling my Instagram obsession, follow me:)

The store was very organized, I guess they learned their lesson from the Missoni debacle .  They had one sales associate whose job it was to bring back the fitting room rejects offering them up and yelling out the sizes before they even hit the racks. I had mixed feelings about not trying anything on, not wanting to deprive another person of something I may end up returning, but I was on a tight time schedule and there was no way I was waiting on that line which had now passed the shoes and was into the next town.

Love this sheer pin dot blush pink blouse.

Looks great with this old F21 necklace, yes?
I'm a sucker for a good stripe.

As I made my way to the register I passed the accessories rack again and noticed someone had put back a tote bag!  - grab -  grab -  I'm happy to say I'm keeping everything. 
I'm not always thrilled with how the designer collabs look up close and personal but this one gets an A + from this bargain hunter.  Next up Sophia Coppola's Marni for H & M out March 8th. 

Happy Hunting!