FRIDAY FINDS:  A Hunting We Will Go! 

Last week I made an impromptu stop to pick up a belt for the hubbs. His belts are BAD and I keep having this vision that he will be cross examining a witness in front of a judge and his pants will fall down! Could happen. And a stop at Ross for a little retail therapy never hurts, right?

I did go straight to the men's dept., I swear!  Found him two great belts and two great sweaters, $60 Izod sweaters for $14.99!  I ask you, how is a girl to resist that! One of the sweaters is a gorgeous dark pumpkin color, not shown above because the man had the nerve to think he could actually wear it and leave the house before I had a chance to take the picture!  Anyway, after that I was telepathically pulled to this adorable bag.  As a dedicated bargain hunter, I just love a find that has the original manufacturers tag on it.  In this case the Steve Madden $98 tag. I paid $29.99! Then came the gorge Calvin Klein black sheath dress, those lines are actually zippers, very cool.  An Alpaca and faux fur Nine West vest, a maxi dress, and of course a doggy toy.  Total cost of this therapy session around the original price of the CK dress.

It's the thrill of the hunt! (for me and Daisy)