MONDAY MUST HAVES:  A little DIY, a fresh start and an organized purse!

Yup, that's it, the contents of my purse after I dumped it out in frustration on Friday after taking an embarrassingly long time to dig out my business card for someone who was patiently waiting.

It's like my closet, it's perfect at the beginning of the week and then tends to take a dive. The amount of mess usually reflects how busy a week I've had.  It's just like having an ICM (Immobilized Closet Moment) only in my purse.  I realized that although I love my flat wallet, it fits so well in every purse, it just isn't working anymore when it comes to stashing receipts and other things that belong in a wallet.  I decided it was time for something with more compartments.  But before rushing out to buy a new wallet, I did what I always do, I went hunting in my closet. 

I found this nylon wallet with 3 zippered pockets and more pockets in between. Never used.
Technically, just what I wanted, fashionally (yes that's a word) very boring.
So I hauled out a little bling by way of some old broaches.

Too blah...

Too blingy...
Just right.  Every time I took this wallet out over the weekend someone asked me where I got it!  That's what a little bling will do. And of course you're just pinning it on so you can change it to fit your mood.   Have you hunted in your closet lately?

Happy Hunting!