I've always loved Halloween.  Something about fall and the pumpkins. Over the years I have collected more than my share of Halloween decorations, that's for sure.  This year, with our house for sale and our garage full of packed boxes, I fear it's all buried in the back beyond husbandly retrieval.  So I have been on the hunt for some new and interesting DIY Halloween ideas. We started with glitterizing some pumpkins, (yes that's a word), they may not be Martha Stewart worthy but they were so much fun to make.  I'm a glue and glitter kind a gal.

First, getting our bargain on as usual, we found big pumpkins at Home Depot for $4.00.

A quick stop at the crafts store for some glue and glitter, and glitter glue. (the glitter glue is great for outlining)

We had a swirl time.

Here's some other fun DIY ideas from my Pinterest Hollidaze board.

Apple slices with peanut butter and mini marshmallows for teeth. Too Cute!  And what's a Halloween without a guacamole graveyard?

Leopard Painted Pumpkins // Glue on beans and seeds // Glitter!

Felt Pumpkin Masks.

Who is that masked Pumpkin?