FRIDAY FINDS:  Shoes and shoes and purses, oh my! 

Can you pick the pair of red Candie's pumps on sale for $34.99? (originally $59.99)  Or the pair of Jimmy Choo's for $665?  How about the Christian Louboutin's for $795? (no peeking at the sole).


This spring sparkler is also on sale, originally $59.99, now $34.99.  Although it's not the Christian Louboutin  (below) for $3,295 I think it may make a very nice wedding shoe to peek out from under my dress. All opinions welcome! 

                                                                                                                                                                         Candie's Yunnis Peep-Toe Sparkle Sale $34.99

I'd be afraid to wear these, I'd just have to enclose them in glass on a shelf in my closet and visit.

Did you pick these as the deal?

And of course what every pair of feet need for casual Friday, a great pair of flats. These by Vera Wang also were originally $59.99 now on sale for $39.99.  Pretty in pink!

Simply Vera Vera Wang Chronos Ballet Flats Sale $39.99

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