Wednesday Wants;  More organization!  Isn't that what we all want?  I was saved this morning by The Teen Fashion Police . In my mad morning dash I grabbed a pair of brown leggings instead of black for my all black & white outfit. Good save. Reminds me of the time I actually wore one black boot and one brown boot to work and didn't notice until 2 PM when I put my feet up on my desk. NO, no one told me, but to my credit, at least they were the exact same boots, just different colors, maybe no one noticed, hmmm. 

Anyhoo, as we all know getting dressed in style is all about your organization.  If you can't find something you'll wear the same things, take earrings, a personal favorite accessory of mine, (right up there with purses and shoes).  I have so many earrings but it always took time to find the ones that I wanted when I wanted them. Most readers tell me that they will wear the same jewelery day after day because it's easy, they throw it on their dresser the night before and there it is in the morning. (Except in my house due to my cat Genevieve who has a great bating paw).

Then I found this fabulous earring organizer (above).  It's thinner then shirt if you want to hang it in your closet, but hang it anywhere, the beauty is that you can organize it by style or color and see everything immediately and each row has several pockets and a zipper across each row. The back is the same so it's double storage.  I found this one at Tjmaxx for $14.99. And it's so pretty too! Find this type and more ideas here JulieShops.