This week has flown by and my 2011 has certainly gotten off to a BIG start! I'm very excited. But of course making dreams come true sometimes cuts into blogging time so I'm a few days late but here are some beautiful pictures from the Golden Globes courtesy of People Style Watch.  It's interesting how some of the dresses as well as hair and make-up do not look well on TV but are said to have looked great in person and vise verse.  So what would you choose?  I think that photos and film are immortal so I'd go for what looks good in a picture and if the event is as big and exciting as the Globes have yourself photographed when you are trying on the dresses, it makes a big difference.  Same for the hair and make-up. I didn't like the way Sandra Bullocks bangs looked on TV, kind of like a helmet, and I'm a big bang lover, but in the photo below she looks beautiful.

The Greens

The Blacks

Hair and Make-Up