Monday Must Haves; A space to create!  As 2010 comes to an end and we re-cap how we spent our time, what we have accomplished, what we didn't accomplish, what worked, what didn't and what we want to keep, discard or change for 2011, I decided this would be a perfect time to talk about your own sacred space. 

As I go through the cathartic experience of packing up my home of 16 years I'm very excited about the process of reorganizing, being more organized in 2011 and weeding out the things that no longer suit my lifestyle. (And by the way, this is no easy task and requires massive amounts of chocolate).

I thought I'd share some of the books that inspire me to create these special niches that gets my inspiration flowing. Whether you carve out a closet and turn it into a mini office or creative work space, have a huge studio or just a tiny corner of a room with special mementos, the emphasis is on having that little bit of solitude to call your own. A place to curl up with a favorite pet, book, cup of tea, markers, your journal, a place to work or just a place to do nothing but BE.

Here are some images from the book A Room of Her Own, Women's Personal Spaces by Chris Cassin Madden.

Oprah designed her office conference room to be condusive to creativity and calm.

Helen Ballard Weeks, of Ballard Designs, fills her work space with design inspiration and a giant bulletin board that she covered with musical note paper.
Nina Ramsy, founder of the Design Firm Archipelago, staked out this lovely sewing space on her deck with an old white table. A great outdoor space for creativity.

From the book Havens, Celebrities Favorite Room by Michael McCreary.

Laura Derns closet where she likes to 'hang out'.

Teri Hatchers Garden Sanctuary.

Linda Gray has her own meditation Tepee! How cool is that.

Where Women Create by Jo Packhan & Jenny Doh is full of inspiring designs and the most creative ideas, from the most creative women. And if you don't know, there is a magazine of the same name too!

I love creating vignette's at home with favorite things that inspire me, here's a few of my favorites.