Well, here I am writing from the floor of my closet. Yes a typical Friday ICM, immobilized closet moment.  This happens on a Friday after a crazy busy week and although I try really hard to practice what I preach and hang up everything at the end of the day, I am a self confessed 'thrower'.  So here I sit next to a heap of all my favorite clothes that I've worn this week.

Which brings me to today's Friday Finds. The blessings of BASIC BLACK, hey, we don't call it basic for nothing!

Things that will save you in a pinch, work for any occasion, dressed up or down and make your life so much easier in the wardrobe dept.

Must haves:

1.A fabulous black boyfriend cardigan that can be worn open or belted and goes with everything.
2.Great black leggings. Have more than one pair for back up.
3.Same goes for great black tights,  have 2-3 pairs and be bold add a pattern or two.
4.Have more than one black camisole/tank.
5.A comfortable pair of tall black boots.
6.A pair of black ballet flats.
7.A black Trench type coat.
8.A good fitting black turtle neck sweater.
9.A great big black handbag and a small evening one too.
10.And big black sunglasses, of course darling.

With these pieces you can build unlimited outfits. Watch for my future post with 30 outfits built around my one new favorite black boyfriend cardi that I picked up last week at H & M.

Here's proof that black is beautiful!