FRIDAY FINDS;  Possibly my fondest childhood memories are of waiting in line to get my turn up close and personal at the Macy's Christmas windows in NYC.  Seeming like the smallest and never able to see until I got up front, waiting and freezing, I can close my eyes now and still remember that feeling as I pressed my nose to the glass.  It was awwwwe.... I wanted to jump inside the windows and live in those little perfect old- fashioned Christmas towns.  Not so uncommon for a little girl, well, maybe for a little Jewish girl.

Every year since I've moved to California I have made it back to NY some time between Thanksgiving and New Years to take in those memories and make new ones with my own daughter.  This year, sigh, it's not happening.  But with the magic of the internet I am able to see all the windows and wanted to share them with you. Yes, I'm missing a warm doughy NY pretzel and some roasted chestnuts and freezing my butt off, (well maybe not missing that part) but I'll look forward to that next year. 

Next week I will venture around town and bring you photos of a Very Beverly Hills Christmas.

                        May Your Days Be Merry & Bright!