MONDAY MUST HAVES; It may seem odd, being Cyber Monday, that my post is not about shopping but about self care.  As this season hits the ground running, and it always seems to sneak up, I thought I'd talk about the importance of not forgetting about YOU, time for you is a must have!

Two weeks ago I was far from home with time to spare before an appointment and decided to get a quickie manicure.  Now I don't usually do this, I'm loyal to my salon that I love, and a manicure for me is a mani pedi  in the massage chair, Soy Chai Latte in hand, we're talking serious business.  But I knew I wouldn't have time for my salon and felt like a little pampering so I popped Nail Salon into the GPS and found one that seemed to be full of regulars, a good sign.  They took me right away, which I appreciated, and the nail tech was very caring and gave me an extra long hand and arm massage which was wonderful. She spent 40 minutes on my hands!  This $10 for 40 minutes of relaxation set a great tone for the rest of my day.  By Tuesday, you guessed it, my cheepy manicure had completely chipped.   But I didn't care at all, $10 for rejuvenation is a small price to pay.

Findng YOU time is so important to control stress and prevent you from catching cold this season and derailing you from holiday festivities.  Here's a few things to do for yourself for little or no cost.

Take yourself on a lunch date to a favorite Cafe.  This is my Spinach Goat Cheese quiche and Mushroom Barley Soup from Champagne, a French Bakery in West Hollywood.

Go to a mall but leave the shopping list at home!  Yes, you heard me, you are not buying anything on this outing! Bring your camera, not your shopping list, don't buy a thing, just enjoy the sights and sounds of the Holidays!  Use the pictures to make homemade holiday cards, or post on your blog.

Get lost at the a book store. I love to find a corner and park myself with a ton of fashion and decorating books, and now wedding idea books, and get lost in them, very relaxing and FREE.

Take an afternoon tea break.  Not the kind where you run into Starbucks and run around with your tea in a paper cup.  A real tea break where you actully STOP what you are doing for10 minutes, savor your tea in a pretty cup and relax.

And last but definately not least on my list, is a candle lit bubble bath.  Solitude is SO under rated!  Nough said ;)

Happy Relaxing!