Friday Finds;
Today I'm cheating on fashion with decor.         For years I have saved gorgeous shopping bags from fabulous places as keep sakes.  To me a special bag is one from a store I wouldn't regularly buy something from like Tiffany or Chanel. Or it may be that the bag is just too cute, or the place I visited had only a little trinket I could afford but they put it in the a fabulous bag to be cherished forever.  

One day last week we were leaving for a dinner party and My Mike needed a bag and went into my sacred stash.  And there he was by the front door with my Henri Bendel shopping bag, Circa 1999!  I hurled myself through the air and tackled him to the floor.  He's still recovering. OK, so maybe it wasn't that dramatic but he did get a lengthily explanation of the importance of my bag collection.

The next day, coincidentally, I found this idea while I was perusing shelterpop and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! What an inexpensive and unique decorating  idea. Can't wait to carve out a little space for this somewhere.

We are going to be selling our house and buying a new one, downsizing. The thought of this is giving me lots of ideas on how to get more organized, purge and re-do.  I'm sure this will be the topic of many future blogs as I go from excited to hyperventilating  - "where do the shoes go?"

Another idea I found  is to take one of my Armour's, yes I have more then one, apparently I went though an "I'm obsessed with Armour's" period, French, Mexican, Any?  So, I am going to take the one I have in our bedroom which now houses the TV, books and the shoe overflow, and convert it into a craft cabinet!  I'm very excited about that, I also found this great idea of using an Armour as an office space.

Then there's the afore mentioned shoes. For years I've been putting pictures
of my shoes on the shoe box.  I've been doing this for so long I remember doing it with a Polaroid camera!  It's so easy now with a digital or your cell phone and a lot cheaper then buying clear plastic shoe boxes. When you can see what you're looking for immediately it eliminates that ICM, (immobilized closet moment), and a lot of shoe box flinging, saving you oodles of time and frustration.

I plan on being super dooper organized in 2011 and yes, that's a HUGE challenge.
But I'm up for it!

Happy Organizing!