TODAY OUTSIDE THE CLOSET;  I have overdosed on candy corn, someone call the paramedics!  I'm definitely going to have a talk with my will power. Whose Will Power? That's a line from a Marilyn Monroe movie and my thoughts exactly!

So HAPPY HOWL-O-WEEEEEEEEN weekend!  If you're looking for some last minute scary homemade ideas here are a few to get your thoughts moving in a creative direction. And Halloween is one great holiday for creativity.

When my daughter was 12 she had a Halloween sleepover with about 10 girls.  I cut a hole in the middle of a long board and put it between two tables with a Halloween cloth on top, I made a hole in the cloth and got underneath dressed as a witch, black wig and all, then I put a huge pasta pot over my head.  My daughter was in on it and walked the girls to the dimly lit area and said 'why is this pot upside down' while lifting the pot. I screamed, they screamed, blood curdling, and they went running in all directions, best laugh ever!   They still talk about it.

Here's some DIY easy ideas

Cookie dough eyeballs

Ran out of time to cave the pumpkin, no prob, paint on eyes and use a carrot for the nose

Love these pigs in a blanket mummies made with Pillsbury Crescent rolls dough 

Mask your pumpkins to make them extra scary
 Ice cream cone hats on the cupcakes, easy!

So pretty, wrap mini pumpkins in ribbon with your trusty glue gun.

I found this cool Halloween themed wedding! Although I'm in the market for a wedding theme I think I'll pass on Halloween. But great party ideas! Love the pumpkin ice bucket top left corner.

And this little guy I just couldn't resist.