TODAY IN THE CLOSET; Think you can't afford this great Calvin Klein zipper dress? Think again!  Look at the price tags - originally $128 at Ross it's $49.99.  And yes it's from this season!  Recently TJ Maxx and Marshalls (same company by the way) hosted a group of fashion bloggers at their Farmingham, MA headquarters to set the record straight.

Yes Virgina, there is a fashion Santa Clause! At least about 85 % of the merchandise is current, and there's always some left over great buys with even bigger discounts from last season. 

Ever see the commercial where the assistant to a designer orders 5,000 blouses instead of 500?  Well, it's true, when a designer or vendor over produces (oops) we benefit.  Which means great designer clothes without forgoing a mani pedi or soy chai latte, the two things I obviously can't live without. It's Fab-u-less!

So what's your favorite place to bargain hunt in your city?  TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, Nordstrom Rack, Vintage Shops? At any time at any of these stores you can find treasures from YSL, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Coach and many, many other designers that you may not be able to afford else where.

For me it's always the thrill of the hunt but for some of my friends these kind of stores can be overwhelming. My advise is to go and browse, think of it as a fashion treasure hunt. 

I think I was born as a bargain hunting baby, turned into a bargain hunting babe, even in a regular boutique or at the mall, I always head straight to the sale rack.  Check out these price tags!




Nordstrom Rack is a great place to hunt for expensive bras like Waco, Vanity Fair, Calvin Klein, La Perla, etc. at huge savings. This bra was $3.49!!! It's a little harder at the Rack if you have a big rack like me, haha, but if you're an A, B, or C you'll hit the jack pot!

It's the old philosophy, have your cupcakes and eat em too! You don't need to sacrifice your chic style to stay within your budget. And speaking of Chic check out the Accidental Chic blog today on women and money.

The Teen Fashion Police dressed head to toe for under $100. Dress sale rack at Forgein Exchange, Bag H &M, Boots Charlotte Russe, Belt Vintage, Jewelry Forever 21.
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