TODAY IN THE CLOSET;  STYLE ICONS  Those we want to emulate, those that make us giggle and those we want to send back to the closet!

This blog post was inspired by this pink corvette and it's owner Angelyne.  For those of you who don't live in LA and aren't familiar with the pop culture of the 'famous' Angelyne she is one of those Hollywood legends that's famous for, um...nothing.

When I pulled into the parking lot of Trader Joe's my eyes, and everyone's, were naturally drawn to the all pink Angelyne standing behind her all pink car (in an illegal parking space). From her pink hair to her pink furry slippers and pink spangled mini skirt she was a vision in, well, PINK!

Now I think I have to admire someone who is this much of an individualist and who keeps it up for years and years but of course if we're taking fashion, and we are, I'd have to send her back to the closet.  I did giggle. Maybe a little black with that pink?

It was fascinating to see how much attention she got, especially from men. I didn't want to be rude and take her picture but snapped this great shot of the vet from my car window on my way out to the parking lot.

So when it comes to finding your own personal style whether you're an Angleyne type or an Audry Hepburn type here's to embracing your own individuality!

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And my favorite style icon, my very own Teen Fashion Police