Day 59

Day 60. ICM alert!!! Immobilized Closet Moment. I followed all my own advise, I went to my bulletin board to pick a previous, "oh , that looked fabulous outfit", but either it was in the wash, needed a button , a hem, etc., something was wrong with everything. Dare I say I uttered those infamous words, (while surrounded by a ton of clothes), I have nothing to wear!

I just wanted to stay on the floor in my Pj's. BUT, can't do that SO, when in doubt be saved by the basics.

For this you will actually have to step away from the keyboard and head to the mall. For those of you that don't have your own teen fashion police and are over the age of 21 you may steer clear of the store of the same name, Forever 21, especially if you have heard the music coming out of that place.

But forget that, bring your ear plugs and GO. This store has incredible finds for CHEAP! But what I want to talk about today are two items in particular that can really stretch your wardrobe and they are their long sleeve T-shirts, v-neck or round neck, in a ton of colors, the new gray is gorgeous, and the price... are you ready??? $5.50! Not kidding, and they wash and wear fantastic, have a snug fit and go with absolutely everything in your closet. Especially if you get a black, a white and a gray.

And their leggings are $7.99, and seem to never wear out.

This means a shirt that goes with every skirt or pant, under a cardigan, blazer, denim jacket, or just with jeans. And the leggings change the look of a short skirt or dress, tunic, or long sweater with boots or flats for different looks. It's easy and you will definitely pass the 'style' over 'convenience test', and in my case get out of the house without being sent back to the closet!