Day 52

Day 52. So, I'm standing in the closet, immobilized. How many times has this happened to you? There are tons of clothes and everything I look at I veto.

Too old, too dull, too this, too that, too tight! (I hate that last one). And my man comes in and says "how about red" and pulls out a red and pink striped cardigan which I grab.

I'm listening to him when it comes to my outfit so you know I'm desperate! Then he handed me a pair of purple sandals and I had to eject him from the closet. And although I love him to pieces I do believe there should be a law against men and women sharing closet space. We should have it all and they should have none. There I said it.

Anyway, I grabbed the sweater and a red T-shirt with a cute ruffle.

It isn't helping that yesterday it was 65 degrees and today it's supposed to be 95!

So what happened? I didn't take my own advise that's what happened. I didn't go to the bulletin board! The bulletin board, (or hat box or shoe box), is where you keep pictures of yourself, just for you to see, of when you have put together a great outfit. Most all of us have a digital camera or a camera on our phones so just snap yourself when you look great and then refer to these pics when you're standing there having an ICM, Immobilized Closet Moment.

Fortunately, the teen fashion police had already gone off to school since I'm not sure
I would have passed the 'style' over 'convenience' test.

But it's TGIF so go BOLD & BRIGHT!
Candie's Pleated Lapel Coat

Dolman Banded Bottom