Day 48

Day 49 in the closet and it's October. It's COOL and my feet have finally made the transition from sandles to boots - Whoohooo!

Here's my new favs.

Also, as I'm sure you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and many many stores are using shopping as a way to contribute important $$$ for research. And of course we can help by doing what we do best, SHOP!

The Home Shopping Network has teamed up with Lucky magazine for an on line designer trunk show so check it out. Shop HSN & Lucky magazine's Designer Capsule Collection. Exclusives & amazing prices from designers such as Tracy Reese & Kooba.

And while we all stand in our closets in the morning and moan "I have nothing to wear" let's STOP, (you know it's not true anyway), and take a moment to be grateful for our oldest and dearest friends - our bodies!