Day 34 In The Closet

Day 34. Well, as I stand in the closet today amongst all my clothes, and I have a lot of clothes, I just want to chuck it all and start over! How fun would that be??? OK, I can't do that, and you probably can't either, but BIG NEWS for adding some designer caliber pieces to your fall wardrobe at bargain basement prices!!!

As designer Issac Mizrahi's final collection for Target slips away Target has revealed it's new designer news. 'Designer Collaborations', Targets on going program to bring us fabulous designers we couldn't afford at new affordable prices, is moving on up! And how fab-u-less that during fashion week we discover that we can all have an Anna Sui outfit!

Anna Sui follows Alexander McQueen's trend setting style to bring those of us on the hunt for the newest and hottest at affordable prices to Target in September.

And she's taken her inspiration from Gossip Girl, nailing New York's Upper East Side Chic.

We'll keep on the trail of what's coming in October, the buzz is Jonathan Saunders, Britain's famous designer, whose clothes retail for thousands! Can't wait to see what his Target prices will be.

All I can say is we can all look FAB-U-LESS for Fall! GET YOUR BARGAIN ON!
Anna Sui