Day 33

Day 33. It's actually a COOl morning. It feels so good and makes me think about cardigans. I LOVE cardigans. First of all - if you take all the tank tops you loved wearing in the summer and put a cardigan over them, and maybe even sling a belt around your hips, wha-la, you have a great fall outfit.

Bought a great pair of boots yesterday, I'd never have chosen them for me, mainly because they were flat and I'm a heel girl, but I was with my daughter, AKA, the teen fashion police, and she said they were SO ME, and that all I needed was a tank top, big cardigan and these boots and I was a definite fashion 'Style'. That seemed pretty easy and the boots were $20 bucks! Gotta love Ross. Even found a dress by Michael Kors, still had the tag on it for $126, Ross price $29.99! Didn't like it on but have to admit it was tempting to have an original Micheal Kors at such a great price! If you don't have a Ross near you make sure you sign up at so you'll get our fall newsletter which will be chock full of fab-u-less bargains like BOOTS under $50.

Here's some belts and cardigans to love;