Day 28

Day 28. Enter at your own risk. After 3 days at Fiesta Hermosa my closet looks like a cyclone hit it. Today was definitely 'convenience' not 'style'. The fact that I even got dressed and made it out the door is major.

The weekend was lots of fun and we sold lots of fabulous Glamorousity purses but I never knew standing in one place could be so strenuous. I feel like I ran a marathon. Our booth was on a slope and I heard people complain about it, now I know why, lopsided hip pain! And my feet, puff city, this girl need a pedicure bad!

Couldn't have done it without the help of my favorite sales girl, AKA, the teen fashion police, and my man, who is all football all the time but this weekend became an authority on purses, you had to be there!