Day 6. Haven't seen any stragglers so I think the ants have been eradicate. The thing about ants is that it’s not like you can lead them back outside, how do you get them out of your closet unless you kill them? So now that the mascare is over, and I’m officially a murderer of small defenseless creatures, there is still much to wash and re organize in my closet. But I’m meeting the girls for breakfast so I need a cute outfit and I need to hurry.

I’m going for ‘Style’, (with a little convenience thrown in, aka baseball cap), so it’s a striped tank with a black cardigan, it’s actually a cool morning. Maybe it’s fall. Note to self - retract that later when it’s 100 in the backyard. When is fall in LA?

Anyway, a pair of denim bermuda shorts, wedge slides that are so cute and comfy, that I got at Filenes Basement this summer in Chicago, and my new all time favorite purse that I love, love, love! It makes anything you put on look chic. Isn't it all about the big purse anyway? That's Carmen Electra in the picture with a similar one only mine's a deal at $45.00!