Day 3

Day 3 in the closet, 8:15 AM. Second outfit of the day, if you count gym cloths. Busy day ahead so I'm going with a favorite and comfy outfit that I can always count on looking good in. Black & white cardigan, white tank, and great black pants.

You need a great pair of black pants for everything, they always save you in a hurry. Like mine, they should be well fitting on top, tight on the butt and thighs, and flair a bit at the bottom, this makes anyone look tall and slim, even if you're short and not. Unlike mine if the hem falls down fix it, (mine has a safety pin, shhhh).

Wearing my Steve Madden gladiators which are about a 4" heel, but really comfortable and can see me through a long day. Add some silver, always a winner with black & white, hoop earrings a few bangles and wa-la, I'm a 'DO' and I haven't thrown any reject outfits on the floor! My hair is up which works with this outfit although it wasn't my intention today. Every once in a while I get the idea that I can straighten my very curly hair the way they do at the salon. Why I would have such a deranged delusion is beyond me. And why I think that the $25 Revlon flat iron I got on sale would work like the $500 flat iron they use at the salon, also a delusion. Now I'm ALL about the bargain, as any follower knows, but some things you just can't cheap out on, like flat irons! So stuck with a head of frizz I had no choice but an up do. So my outfit's 'style' today but my hair is 'convenience', although it looks good and you can't have everything perfect. But I'll keep trying.