Day 4

Day 4: Now that our closets are getting more organized, did you do your love it - hate it piles? I forgot to mention those clothes in 'other' sizes. Those need to go too, just for now. If you are striving to get back into a smaller size, YOU WILL, but not by having those too tight clothes hanging there as a reminder of a failed diet. That's enough to send a girl right back to Baskin Robbins!

With only clothes that fit well and that you love to choose from, you will look, and more importantely, feel good about yourself. And when you feel good that is when you treat your body well by putting good food into it and exercising it. So store those clothes in the garage, in a box, at a friends and live in the now, that's where you'll find your power and your power dressing!

Speaking of the gym. Someone must have sent out a fashion memo this morning that I missed. At the machine next to me was a women completely decked out like she was going to a luncheon. An off the shoulder top, big leather belt low on her waist, her hair was not in a pony tail, (isn't a pony required for working out?) Or is that just me with my unruly curls??? But she had hair down to her waist, no exaggeration, it could get stuck in a weight machine or something, imagine! And then the aerobics instructor, about to start a class, walked by in a lacy camisole with another leather low slung belt, it was really nice, but for the gym?!

All this high fashion was only magnified by the fact that I was wearing the same sweat pants I slept in, hey at least I was working out! :)

Nothing like some new work out cloths to get you motivated!

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